It was a healing, empowering, uplifting, game changing, and spiritual experience for me. I got goose bumps and tears filled my eyes I can’t tell you how many times out of joy, love and power of it all. I love all you gals for showing up for us and helping us in all the ways our hearts needed. I will never forget this experience.
— Jamie

I LOVED the experience Barre3 retreat. My heart, soul, body, and mind are full.
— christine

Brasada was truly a magical experience- I only wish I had more time there to journal and reflect. This was a transformative experience and one rich with practical tools that I can adopt into my every day life.
— Juliana

I’ve been on a high since leaving the ranch. It truly was such a magical experience. I’ve been so much more at peace in life and happier eliminating simple distractions that made tasks way more complicated than they had to be, or I should say not enjoyable. It’s really made me more relaxed and present to enjoy everything around me. My plan is to each month add on one or two more goals to implement into my life and stay strong with ones I’ve already been intentional with.
— Jamie

I am still up in clouds with the amount of inspiration I received from attending the retreat. It truly was life changing for me, this is an experience I will never forget and I hope to attend future retreats as barre3, the women of barre3 and the mission of barre3 are so empowering and beautiful.
— Jessica